"Design and build Pediatric Therapy equipment, Aids for Learning Difficulties and Early Intervention"

ACTIVA is a heavy duty, air/water filled, frisbie-like device, can resist a dynamic load of up to 150kg. This device does not require an air pump to inflate. "Balance" training exercises have shown to help with some of the difficulties seen in Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder.
This "cool" seat cushion is for restless (fidgety) and the withdrawn (under aroused) kids to maintain a certain level of alertness and awareness with constant vestibular motion without causing distraction. (click left Icon for application list.)

The Balance beam is available either in a single piece or a set of 4. The 4 pieces are meant to be multi directional to suit the space or type of turn required. The single beam is customised further: i) tilted (both ends differ in height) ii) listed (same height on both ends but the flat beam rests slanted on the narrow side). Used primarily used for balance training, gross motor and eye & foot co-ordination.

Practice lateral movement on the Tunnel/Barrel and develop corresponding balance skills. Elicit protection, extension reflex, trunk equilibrium or promote relaxation. In prone position, firm linear movement can be achieved without hypersensitive reactions. The foam's construction dampens quick movements.

The portable Read & Write board has an adjustable tilt range of between "0" & "70" degrees. The variable angles compensate for restricted eye & neck muscle movements in the Special Needs. It enables the document to be positioned right with the least head, neck, eye movements. Certain dyslexics need their reading material to be at a particular angled position. Prolonged slouching periods over the table cause neck pain and premature degeneration of the cervical disc. Reseachers, Teachers, Solicitors, software developers etc., are prone. Product is exquisitely finished in lacquered maple wood ply. The writing board angled at 15 degrees is the recognised comfortable position.

Stepping Stones are for Balance Training and Motor Skill Development. The flat part of the ball permits very stable attachment to the floor under different weight pressures from users, while the rounded surface permit intensive proprioceptivity on a flat surface.

Wedged sitting cushion with a raised rear encourages proper sitting posture on textured bumps. The air filler plug located at the rear allows varying the volume of air while seated. The top surface is sensory knobbed to provide the user with a different sitting experience. Kids who have ADHD are not lazy or stupid. The disorder in them causes inattention or sitting still in their seats. The wedged cushion offers them reason to move and reposture themselves without distracting the class.

Non padded and padded Scooter board for development of upper body strength and co-ordination while propelling from a sitting or prone position. The "NEW" three wheeled scooter board require additional effort to maintain balance which is not required on the four wheeler.
The bolster scooter board is a semi circular roll on wheels for 2. It has a high handle enabling the client to sit walk, straddle on the hump in prone position to co-ordinate crawling on fours or in supine position walk/glide backward. The extra length offers sitting space for a guide to instill confidence to the first time user.

Flitting from Hilltop to Hilltoptop inspire children to develop the ability to estimate distances and heights together with visual and feet co-ordination. Subsequently it generates confidence building with heights and stimulate the neural system's control over physical balance. Each hilltop is lined with a non slip base, prevents flip over and protects the floor. Hyperactive children expend their excessive energies here improving proprioception in their legs and trunk. The quickest way to get a child to experience being totally and fully present is to engage the proprioceptive sense.

Body Sox is for spacial awareness and interaction. Each pillowcase-like sack is made from a stretchable Spandex material with a self stick fabric tape loop-closed entrance. Once inside, users find themselves in a private domain that lures them into kinesthetic exploration. As they move their shapes become art-like. They are thrilled as they begin to understand and explore the 3-dimensional space they occupy.

Stretch those tense muscles at the calfs and hamstring with the Calf Stretch Board. The fixed version slants at 20 degrees while the adjustable version angles between 10 and 30 degrees.

This palm size MINI Ball, hand exerciser measures 7cm in diameter. Is sealed for life and is an alternative for the gel ball. It helps improve sensory perception in the special needs kids.
Children love these soft, spiky balls. They generate a lot of sensory tactile stimulation

Children love these soft, spiky balls. They generate a lot of sensory tactile stimulation. Sizes: 9/12cm, 13/16cm.

The EGG Ball, also called a dinosaur egg slows down the tempo for the Special Kids with slower responses and co-ordinated movements. The EGG ball moves only on two planes on the long side. The length of Egg Ball provide the extra space for seat sharing with the therapist or Care Aider. Forward, backward or lateral movements depend on position of the user's feet. The alternative, PEANUT ball, is now available.

Maze balance board triggers the vestibular movements on a balancewobble board, engages the eye, body and legs to co-ordinate: moving the ball from the outer ring to the centre of the maze. Most of the physical movements are controlled by the brain.

Crash Bag for additional sensory pressure come in two sizes; 1.8m x 1.2m and 0.9m x 1.2m. These bags are beans filled, encased in comfortable corduroy cotton covers and optional liners. The "NEW" Crash pad in navy blue cover measures 150cm x 150cm x15cm

This Giant Top is a large circular rocker with a conical base for development of physical co ordination in children. Children sit in the recess of this Giant Top then rock it from side to side or spin it around. There is enough room to sit two small children. The Conical rocker with a pointed center base enables children to feel turning upside-down when moving the Top 360. The top circular edge protects children's heads and fingers from injury and the raised edges; from getting their fingers caught. There is no risk of suffocation when children hide in the top.

Large Wobble Board with Handles: Rock from side to side, spin around and balance. Children stand or sit on the board for motor skills and balancing abilities. Anti skid profile with four integrated handle bars.

A suspended large Tube swing with harness for vestibular motion and balance. Straddle it or place it on the chest.

The Trapeze aids in building posture control and shoulder stability, toning of the upper limbs.

Stilt walking challenges the balance with control over the string to lift the stilt with every step without slippage.

Platform Swing provides the vestibular input, facilitating balance and equilibrium reactions. Use in prone, sitting and standing positions for bilateral skill development. Available in square, rectangular glider and circular rope net swing.

Rope Ladder for pediatrics have a closer distance between rungs. The cylindrical timber rungs are smoothened and lacquered before assembly. Strengthen the arms and shoulders, postural control, endurance, bilateral movements and motor planning. Other variations of rope ladder: Scramble net, Tower rope ladder, Twin rope ladder

The Tumble Roll is used straddled, rolled over or used lying lengthwise. It may be used as an obstacle in the course, for gross motor skills, neuro development/training, postural control and strengthening of the lower extremities. New! is the air/water filled, anti burst, Formula Fit Roll: D:10" x L:30"

"T" swing & Flexion Swing provides both vestibular and propriceptive stimulation for children. To control swing movement in therapy, attached a strap to the top of padded column.These products are designed by BackCare using steel framed structures instead of timber. As such it has a greater load resistance: suitable for kids and teenagers.

    1. Weighted Lap Pad: - reduce rocking feet and induce calm.
    2. Wrist Weight: - On the wrist while writing or other fine motor tasks enable the child to receive additional sensory feedback on movements, hand flapping.
    3. Weighted Vest: - Helps increase body awareness, focus and concentration, enhances comprehension and learning in children with special needs

The stretchable Lycra hammock is our latest addtion to the existing Brazillian cotton hammock. It increases calm and organise input by providing deep touch pressure .Provides vestibular input which impacts poor postural control, balance, trunk control, spatial awareness, motor planning, bilateral co ordination, tone, self-regulation, sensory seeking and ocular stability

Frog Swing: Suspended for the bounce. Child rests the chest on the cushioned pad;, swing and bounce for vestibular stimulation and for postural control.

Paediatric Chair/Therapy stool: A pediatric equipment to encourage proper sitting position using the chair's adjustable positioning features. Other customisations: padded seat, padded backrest, hip belt, lateral support, height adjustable footrest etc., may be included.

Shock Corded trampoline: Children learn to use the proprioceptive and vestibular input of jumping to help them modulate and organize. Also used for strengthening and building cardio-vascular endurance. Padded handle is an available option.

Bolster Swing for Balance Training, Motor skills, muscle building, body understanding, self-confidence and concentration.

This Ramp & Roll has a dual purpose;

    1. for use with a scooter board in its downward glide and
    2. for going up in the opposite direction. The latter activity provide for bilateral coordination and toning of arm muscles, etc.

ROLLER RAMP: The pink rolls are lined with ball bearings on both sides to give a comfortable and effortless smooth glide down. Let down a rope from the high end for child to propel up the slippery rolls to tone the upper body. The high end is either supported on a platform or latched on to a Wall bar.

Some children crave for deep pressure and what better way than play with the Steamroller . They love to crawl between the rollers and be "crushed' and stay "crushed" to receive the input before settling down to do their activities.
The roller ramp on the right delivers the child to receive the sensory input.

Training Steps are constructed of light weight, high load, closed cell Etha foam for gross motor development, balance training skills and confidence building. Choice of 2 steps and 3 steps.

The Rocker board is available carpeted, padded and upholstered or with anti slip surface.

Multi layered Lycra Swing, a stretchable net mounted on four corners. Space and more space. Every step the child takes on the Lycra Swing is a step lower.

The Fun Ride Glider assists with gross motor planning and enhancing upper body strength. This piece of equipment is a necessity for developing a tolerance for movement, diminishing gravitational insecurities, and enhancing flexion patterns as they glide while holding their feet off the ground.

Interlocked Mats are of very dense EVA material, measuring 1m x 1m x 30mm thick. As the description suggests, they are are locked in position, non slip and washable. Suitable for therapy gyms especially in special needs, physically and intellectually disabled environments, preschool playrooms.

Etha foam, measuring 1m x 2m x 50mm, upholstered in PVC, the therapy mats are held together using "hook & loop" stitched on the spines of the mat. Wall pads and floor pads - we cater to your requirements and more.

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