Custom make Soft Climbers & soft blocks for Pre schools and Early Intervention Programme Centres.

Soft play is a general term for safe toys created for children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years of age for Developmental Play. These include soft furniture, soft activity blocks in various shapes, sizes, forms and color. Soft Play Mats and Cushions are firm to support the children's weight, absorbing the impact during falls and light enough to move around and free from allergens. If required items may be upholstered in fire retardent fabric.
Other complementary soft products include special nonslip mats and Soft Building Blocks. slides, rockers, tunnels etc. Soft play is safe for all children, unlike wooden furniture, the soft pieces respond to the basic physical needs of children.

Soft play is beneficial due to its flexibility. Infants crawl on mats and grasp soft animals and blocks. Toddlers sit comfortably on cushions, build with blocks and climb over the activity blocks. Older children enjoy playing on the activity modules, rearranging them to create different obstacles.

As with any interactive play, social skills are developed through play with other children. As children climb over and through activity modules, they advance their gross motor skills. Soft play eliminates any hard surfaces and sharp edges that may contribute to injury, making for a safer play area.

We do not have enough space for inclusion of more softplay items here. Do get in touch with us on your softplay needs.

The images displayed include: air filled bolster, round top and flat topped tunnels, soft climbers assembled from individual pieces and these pictures may be dismantled for other arrangements, soft slide, hilltops, mailboxes, square blocks, water melow, two steps trainer, a slide for toddlers, etc.

This range of balls are different from the regular ones. There are soft spikes all round the ball. The balls are available in two sizes: 9/12cm and 13/16cm. These balls provide a different feel feeding a sense to the touch.

Children's play balls are firm and hard when air filled. It may cause injury to kids nearby or damage to objects within range. Soff Balls are different. The surface is soft with a velvety texture and come in two sizes: 15cm and 26cm diameter. The balls are made in Italy using a proprietory material and is repairable in case of punctures.

Preschoolers and Early Intervention Centres long for a Ball Pool if space is not a constraint. Kids just love to play in the pool for a good time. The more adventurous kids will go in, disappear under and up, surfacing at another spot. Others would jump in from the side wall. The ball pool may be used in conjunction with other equipment.

The activities you see are assembled from a Basic Motor Skills set comprising of 112 pieces. A booklet with various configurations is provided. You are no longer restricted to the fixed activities and these 112 pieces may be varied according to your creativity.
Please get in touch with our sales department who will point you to more.

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