Pilates Equipment & Props

Foam Rolls: Microcell EVA foam rolls are knuckle dent free, measuring D:6" x L:36", in blue with heat treated embossed print surface and D: 6" x 12" with prints similar to foam rolls from Stott. (see picture) The brown cover over the blue roll is optional. Foam roll enhances "balance" and aids in movement awareness, core stability and facilitate mobility on an unstable base.

Toning Ball, 12cm, weighs 2lbs: They are great for toning, shaping, and sculpting a person's body. Toning ball provides people with the opportunity to receive an aerobic and toning work out in just one work out session.

This inflatable, dome-shaped BOSU improve dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination. BOSU Balls are a fun and creative way to introduce balance, core conditioning, push ups etc.

Gymnastik Ball makes full-body workouts totally possible. Provides user with effective and efficient workouts, developing the core (Abs and Lower Back), improving the posture and improving balance. Inexpensive to purchase especially when it is the only repairable "Gym" ball. Dynamic load resistance: up to 400kg.

Body Ball: Two versions: i) 17.5 and ii) 19cm body ball, strengthens your body muscles, increase flexibility and improve balance. It is great in stimulating the pressure points while you exercise and stretch the key muscle groups. Simply sit, lean and lie on the ball, using your body weight to massage muscles and ligaments and to release tension in the soft tissues. Position the ball and drape yourself upon it, letting your body relax onto the ball. Want to crank up the intensity or ease up? You can do this by moving to a smaller (more intense) or larger (less intense) ball. Intensity can also be adjusted by varying the amount of body weight you put on the ball by gravity.

Pilates Soffball: This unique ball in 15, 22 and 26cm diameter has a soft grip texture, is of anti burst quality and repairable in case of leaks. It is also known as: Over Ball, Stability Ball, Flex Ball, Sponge ball, Resistance training ball, etc. Used to prompt correct body positioning and muscle activation while exercising for pelvic exercises, resistance training, shoulder stabilization or other workout routines including those with the Foam roller. Pink soff ball featured is 20cm diameter. Other exercises include basic Core Stretches, Back Stabilizers, Hip Twist, Side Bridges, Squats and Rows, isometric exercises, leg work and abdominals. These balls may be utilised for rolling massage and as a soft prop underneath various parts of the body. This SoffBall is manufactured to handle a dynamic load of up to 150kg.

Our Ladder Barrel features Maple wood frame with an additional lower rung foot Bar for Asians and a 2.5" (62mm) clearance between Wall and the handle.

The Demi Arc is padded and upholstered in Poly vinyl with a firmly curved base. It is available in 2 versions: Balanced Body and Stotts. Picture on left shows the Stott version of the Demi Arc, inverted and it functions as a Rocker.

Pick your choice of hand holds for the Spine Corrector: i) a dowell or removable rod, ii) "C" handle and iii) a handle carved out of the side panel, otherwise known as the Clara Barrel. The spine corrector helps stretch, balance muscles in the Torso, Shoulders and Back. For rehabilitation: chronic back pains, posture and circulatory problems.

The "C" Shaper is also called a spine supporter. It is contoured to provide maximum comfort and support for those with neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The spine supporter with the raised Back, relieves neck and shoulder strain while exercising. The contoured "C" aids proper support for the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic especially for exercising mothers during pre and post partum.

Head Box: For support of the head to ensure correct posture and is excellent for under hands and knees when kneeling. Made from "ULTRA dense" foam. 12" by 8" by 2"high and 4" high. Moon Boxes look similar to the Head Board except for the size, may be used with Wall Units, Reformers and Chairs. 6"h x 9"w x 14"l (15cm x 23cm x 36cm).

Wobble Cushion: This innovation in physical therapy and athletic training is based on the premise that torso strength improves limb function. This product focuses on rehabilitation and conditioning the body's central zone "core" using resistance, recoil and reaction. Other uses in PIlates:

    1. ACL/MCL rehabilitation ankle inversion/eversion,
    2. Ankle plantar/dorsiflexion,
    3. Training of hip abductors,
    4. Pelvic stabilization.

The Rotator disc is for back pain rehab especially those who are restricted in movement, suitable for composing intensive exercise programs that are safe for the athlete, and for working on lower back muscles, belly, inner, outer thighs and the buttocks.

Most exercises on the Spring board are aimed at stretching, articulating and stabilizing the spine. They help to stretch the sides, strengthen legs and arms, slim thighs and improve breathing.

Magic Circle/Flex Ring: 14" Flex ring with grey padded sides. New release: Magic Circle has: i) thicker neoprene padding for the posh quality, ii) added resistance to improve flexibility, tone and control in the arms, shoulders and stengthening of inner thigh muscles.

Wall Unit allows you to use the same spring-based resistance to challenge core abdominal muscles, work spinal articulation, flexibility and develop overall strength. The base mat is optional if you have no space for it.

The Reformer Box opens up a new realm of Reformer workouts; prone exercises, abdominal strength exercises, side stretching etc. The boxes complement many seated exercises.

Split Pedal Chair is ideal for those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, the stability chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. It also facilitates high performance exercises for athletes and the very fit. Compact and easy to move, the stability chair is perfect for studio gyms with limited space. Handles are optional.

Combine a Studio Reformer and the elements of a Trapeze Table and the result is a versatile system.

Over 80 different exercises can be performed on this piece of Pilates equipment, ranging from gentle spring-assisted sit ups to advanced acrobatics that can have one hanging from the upper bars - there's something for all ages and abilities. The Cadillac range of exercises challenges the core abdominal muscles, develops spinal flexibility, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the back and stretches the total body.

Ultra dense microcell thermoplastic Exercise Mat: 180cm x 60cm x 17mm, “green” and biodegradable, washable, non slip, contains no allergens. Used in Gyms, Home, Fitness and Pilates Studios. It has flat ribs on one side and cylindrical ribs on the other, usable either side.

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