Gymnastics in Schools


Activa is a heavy duty air filled, frisbie-like wobble board, capable of withstanding a dynamic load of up to 150kg. Inflate with air or water. The challenge is in the wobble with just the right volume of air when the feet does not feel the ground when on it. Use the device as a training tool to improve one's balance and proprioception: strengthening the ankles and knees. Recent studies have linked "neurological balance" to learning difficulties in children.
The wobble board is used for health and fitness at home, work or school, to provide a standing "balance challenge". It helps increase sports performances because of the balance training stimulus to improve stability, agility, leg strength and core strength. Research has shown that regular use of a Wobble board enhances dramatically "balance" while improving proprioception (the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself) and strength in all muscles, tendons and ligaments. (click on picture for more applications)

Agility is at the core of any athlete's endurance level. To last longer without getting winded or jump higher before landing back on the ground, agility is the key. Most athletes have their careers cut short because of injury or fatigue. Agility training reduces the risk of injury and give the extra wind needed to make it through a long season. Proper agility training gives one more flexibility and let the body take abuses that come by in any competitive sport. Take advantage of the advanced agility training accessories and drills out there and make the most of your game.

Trapezoidal foam vault box: The hook and loop fastener attachment provides great stability enabling this four piece apparatus to be used as a vaulting horse or spotting platform. It provides firm footing and stability required for developing motor skills. Trapezoids are available in 3 or 4 sections. Each colored piece is detachable to suit the height of the user.

Sit ups done in schools are usually on flat surfaces. Those with a weak core or back, especially the obese shun away or are exempted from it. Try sit ups on a "Gym" ball or wobble cushion, not only is the execution easy and safe on the back, it is supported by a study that Sit Ups on a "Gym" Ball require more effort to balance one self, control and stay on the ball, resulting in the use of more muscle groups. If you deem sit ups unsafe on the ball, do sit ups on Activa. The effect is similar to that of the ball.

Gymnastic benches are custom built in solid timber of 2.5m and 3.5m lengths. The bench surface may be used as a wide balance beam or tilted to attach to a wall bar. Flip it over, for a more challenging balance beam with a much narrow beam. The broad bench surface provide the stability.

Bouncing on a Trampoline strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation, stimulates the flow in the lymphatic system, helps slow the effects of aging, revitalize vision, reduce stress, benefits children with learning disabilities and those diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Children learn to use the proprioceptive and vestibular input of jumping to help them modulate and organise. The rebounder is good for strengthening and building cardio-vascular endurance.

Donuts are ideal for applications limited only by imagination. Preschoolers crawl through them. Lay it on the floor and you have a circular balance beam. Advanced students practice dive rolls or use it as wall overs.Other variations: octagon donut and donut halves. It converts into a tunnel when 2 bridges are joined together. Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 60 cm

The barrel is excellent for the development of balance, body alertness and coordination as well as for a variety of games such as camel rolling, races, or bean bag tossing. A variety of sensations can be achieved with this unique piece of equipment.
Complementing the hollow barrel is a compact version of same known as the cylindrical roll. Variable sizes available.These foam modules enable various play activities to be set up in order to promote coordination and balance in primary school children. Firm and stable the cylinder is provided with an optional removable weight and a wedge which is fixed by Velcro. It goes back to its starting point after one rotation. Ideal for learning series like back walk-overs

Combine balance training and motor skill development wih the half ball. Floor the flat side or the domed, semi circular side down, depending on the skill level and application. Train the upper body to perform unstable push-ups. More advanced movements are done with flat side up. Single foot proprioceptor exercises for ankle rehab or strengthening. These inflatable, dome-shaped pods improve dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination. Half Balls are a fun and creative way to introduce balance, core conditioning, push ups etc. Available is a version in engineering plastic (non collapsible for children). The other alternative is an air filled version of soft spiky vinyl

Mailboxes are for tumbling development. Set of 4 different heights. Aids in teaching dive rolls and performing handsprings.
Teaching module in the shape of a "watermelon" to crawl, find one's balance, creates motion and movements. These foam modules enable various play activities to be set up to promote coordination and balance in children.

Plyometric exercises on etha foam boxes upholstered in non stretch vinyl are extremely safe for school children. Comes in a set of 5 each varying in height. Plyo exercises use gravitational force to store potential energy in muscles: i) muscle strengthening, ii) improves response time of muscles, iii) increase endurance, iv) improves posture and balance, v) burns calories

Interlocked Mats are very dense, microcell EVA foam, generally flooring Martial Arts and Therapy Gyms. Sized at 1m x 1m x 30mm thick, they are usable on boths sides, in single or two tone colors. The surfaces feature prints to ensure non slip. Recommended for Special Needs Centres where children tend to soil the play area. Easily removed, cleaned, washable and highly durable.

Wedges are used in gymnastics, literally to ramp up a particular skill. They help develop confidence in young gymnasts and tumblers. Ideal for preschools and day care centres. Older students and athletes find dozens of uses for wedges, from sit-up mats to running approaches.

Gym Slide. Dimensions: 150 x 60 x 90 cm (LxWxH). The Gym Slide is for developing young children's motor skills. The different geometrically-shaped modules, join together using a Velcro system, offer numerous possibilities for learning circuits: obstacle courses, adventure trails or agility circuits. Each set will enable you to create an endless number of play circuits for the youngest children.

Measuring 1m X 2m X 50mm thick, these gymnastic mats are made of closed cell, high density Etha foam upholstered a choice of non stretch vinyl foound on Gymnastic equipment.

The foldable Gymnastic Mats are made to order as per the size and number of folds required. Upholstered in non stretch vinyl, the material used is closed cell, Etha foam.

Speed Bumps are extremely durable & an amazingly practical play training innovation. For teaching basic gymnastic movements, improve balance & coordination. Utilised for marking of walkways or relay courses.

Polydac Rope: This is the strongest rope, a combination between polyprop and polyester offer light weight and is an extremely durable climbing rope; will not shed or deteriorate. It is supplied with a mounting bracket for easy installation to ceiling brackets on one end and a whipped, poly-boot or turk knot on the tail end.

Superior quality 3 Strand "Grade A" manila rope. This natural fibre rope offers the best grip and is extremely durable. It is supplied with a specially designed mounting bracket for easy attachment to ceiling mounts, while the other end is a whipped, poly-boot or turk knot end. No shoes when climbing Manilla ropes. Warranty is invalidated if offered.

Sectional blocks in 3 similar sizes but of varying heights are attached via vel strips similar to the Trapezoidal vault boxes above.

The Rope climbing net offers strength development of shoulder, arm, postural control, endurance, balance and coordination in arms and legs.

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