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ACTIVA is an air inflated or water filled, wobble board that is safe and customisable to the individual's response to balance and proprioceptivity. This is a mutlfunctional device unlike the traditional wobble board; the primary use of it is for "Balance". Use Activa for core strengthening and stability, single or twin, for lower limb strengthening. For activities requiring wider spaced feet, place an optional circular board on Activa to widen the standing surface. Perform Sit Ups and Push Ups on the wobbly surface. Same exercises but the use of additional muscle groups while performing the routine on an unstable surface enhances greater fitness. (click Activa Icon for more)

Agility is defined as: The ability to move, change direction etc. quickly and easily. To achieve this, one requires a combination of: Balance, Speed, Strength and Coordination. In the field of competitive sports, the body is constantly pushed to perform movements with unfamiliar joint angles most often resulting in injuries. The primary objective of AGILITY LADDER is to promote a wide range of varying foot movement patterns. With the foot-trained movements becoming second nature, the body responds quickly to various foot angled situations required in sporting events. Improve agility with the Agility ladder. It is an essential tool in the program. Available in 4m and 8m lengths each.

LARGE HALF BALL (BOSU): A multi functional tool for: 1) Fitness Training: high energy and cardiovascular workout, 2) Strength & conditioning: functional core stabilisation, 3) Sports: core stability and proprioception, 4) Rehabilitation of ankle and knee, 5) More demanding than a trampoline workout, 6) Turn the flat side up for push ups. Stand on the flat side for lower extremity workout.

FOAM ROLLERS provide excellent prompts and are especially helpful in core stability retraining. Used initially in Pilates. The achievable benefits are: 1) challenge conscious awareness, 2) provide sensory motion challenges on two planes, 3) enhance balance reactions, 4) body awareness, 5) muscle re-education, 6) motor planning and 7) neural flexibility. Length of roll: 36" and 12", Diameter: 6".

CALF STRETCH BOARD: This multi level version provides varying degrees of stretching the lower extremities from 10 to 30 degrees. Progressively increase the angle of support provide clients with the feedback they need to complete their fitness program.
The alternative to the multi level version is a fix slant calf stretch board at 20 degrees.

MINI HURDLES - Designed for multi lateral development. Exercises that aim to incorporate many physical abilities: develop power, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, co-ordination and core strength. It is a great way to introduce plyometrics and add fun/challenging aspect to this activity. H:6" W:17"

This set of wooden NESTED STOOLS is ideal for body mechanics and posture training when standing. The surface is padded with non-slip rubber sheeting. Stacked them as one for storage.

Plyometric exercises use gravitational force to store potential energy in muscles: 1) muscle strengthening. 2) improves response time of muscles, 3) increase endurance, 4) improves posture and balance, 5) burns calories

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