ACTIVA® Air inflated/Water filled Wobble Board

Activa® is a wobbly cushion for brain agility and balance control. This is a superb alternative to the timbered wobble board or the "Swiss" ball. Use it while seated on the floor, chair, at a ball game or watching TV. Regular use of this device strengthens the postural muscles and the abdominals, the cause of back pain. Aids in Core stability: lay on it, in supine position for back extension, prop it on the lower back as a lumbar support, stand on it for ankle strengthening for ballet dancers or ankle rehab. It is a useful tool in accelerating the rewiring of the brain's fine blood vessels following a Stroke.
It is a remarkable companion rehab tool on your flight. Use it to prevent DVT: exercise the feet for blood circulation. No back pain on your flight: as a lumbar cushion. It offers exceptional, non collapsible support for the long journey with no need for a pump to inflate.

A lumbar support while driving, at the office, at home or in your travel. Inflate Activa to suit the posture's comfort. It supports and adapts to the lumbar curvature: fills the void with every move you make on the chair. It does not collapse over time as with the rolled towel or foam lumbar roll.

Balancing or standing on Activa® is as unstable as the traditional wobble board, maybe more. It is this "instability" that enhances Balance training and core development. Therapists use the wobble board to rehabilitate ankle, knee and hip injuries. To vary the level of difficulty in our wobble board; regulate the volume of air/water contained.
Controlling the traditional wobble board is by manoeuvring the flat solid surface. There is no such surface on the Activa Wobble cushion. Your very foot print on the soft surface is the only support. That adds to the greater difficulty in balance.

When pressure is applied on the soft, wobbly but resilient Activa®'s surface, it provides for exceptional functional training. Use multiple Activa wobble cushions when performing squats for increased challenges and results. Place one under the buttock for sit-ups. It is comfortable with an added degree of difficulty never experienced before.
To avoid Back Pain when doing sit-ups, place Activa on the lower lumbar. Instead of doing "Push ups" on the hard floor, do as pictured. Executing push-ups on Activa trigger more muscle groups in the hand, arm and shoulders to support and stabilise the hand.

Activa is for people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition. Sit, stand, kneel or lay supine on the lower lumbar to ease back pain. Activa's beveled edge extends the vertebrae easing compression on the spinal joints. This is a multi function device: for lower back strengthening, trunk mobility, pelvic stabilization, weight shift exercises, neuro retraining and fall prevention management in the elderly.

Kids think this is a frisbie, until they lay their hands on it. This "cool" seat cushion is also for the Special Needs and the Dyslexic. Benefits restless (fidgety) kids and the withdrawn (under aroused) to maintain a certain level of alertness and awareness with constant vestibular motion without creating too much distraction. Other benefits include stimulation of the cerebral cortex, encourages an upright sitting posture. Sitting on Activa® (dynamic sitting) by the Special Needs result in: 1) A calming effect, 2) Better concentration, 3) A better understanding of the subject and 4) An improvement in handwriting skills.

The elderly could sit for long periods without movement leading to bed sores. Sitting on Activa encourages movement. The movements caused by body drifts are beneficial to neuro functioning, strengthening the abs and the posterior muscles around the lower lumbar. It is an exercise to sit on Activa. Use water for "cool" comfort in place of air.

The lunge works on the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Activa's varying instability is dependent on the volume of water or air contained. It triggers the use of more muscle groups from the lower extremity to perform the same stance in comparison to the traditional wobble board.


Standing on Activa® poses great challenges on the smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments to improve athletic ability, especially for ballet dancers to improve their balance, strengthen the ankles, calf muscles and quads.

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